I reached to India

After a long struggle I got my ticket on 30th Jan from the agent which I mentioned previously. On 3rd Feb. I reached to India safely and now started enjoying nice food. The trip was as usual good but the journey time was so long. I left Corpus Christi at 1st Feb 6:30 am and reached to Atlanta at 9:40 am. I had to wait till 12:30 for the next flight to New York. I reached at New York at 2:20 pm. Now it was a long waiting time for me. My flight to Mumbai was at 7:30 pm. I had nothing to do for next 5 hours so I started calling my friends and passing time. After that I opened my laptop and played freecell and minesweeper but it dint help me passing time. As I was browsing through my mp3 collection, I suddenly saw a file in which Swami Vivekanand speech at Chicago was recorded. I got it through forwarded email. I heard just 1 part and it was awsome. He nicely talked about Hindu religion and gave some scientific example to support all arguments. As first part was finished, I was little hungry and went for snack. Of course, on airport it was little difficult(but not impossible) for me to find veg. food. After I had burger(bun + tomato + lattuce) and softdrink, I went to terminal for check-in. As I reached to Paris, I saw one of my senior of M. S. University. He was going to Vadodara. I reached at Mumbai Airport at 3rd Feb 1:15 am. There was a strike of AAI employee but we did not find any difficulty in immigration check and custom. I think Mumbai Airport is being renovated. I had flight to Rajkot at 7:30 am so again a long long waiting time. Any how I passed my time and reached to my destination.

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