WordPress plug-in for writing comment/post/page in 8 Indian Languages

Now we can get plug-in for writing in 8 Indian languages. You can download it by visiting the page Download WordPress plug-in for writing comment/post in 8 Indian Language. Important feature about this plug-in is that(it is FREE and) no software download is needed for end user. (of course the blog owner needs to download plug-in :)) Using normal Roman keyboard everyone can easily write in 8 Indian langauges. If anybody wants to write in english as well, they can write it by pressing F12.(This facility is useful when a person needs to write comments in Indian language with some Website links/email address etc ). If a person again presses F12, it will switch back to Indian language keyboard.

If you want to edit your page/post written in Indian language, this plug-in is extremely useful because without any IME you can direclty write in Indian languages. So there is no hassle of writing in Microsoft Word/other program and then copy/paste content.

It is a bless for blog owner who is posting in Indian language because he/she can write in their own language from any computer without needing any IME software. Moreover visitors can write in Indian language from any computer without needing any IME software.